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Press Releases 2012–2015

TESOL Press Call for Contributions

by User Not Found | 02/10/2015
Editor John Rucynski, Jr. seeks contributors for a volume in TESOL’s New Ways Series entitled New Ways in Teaching With Humor.

The content will include teaching ideas and activities for using or teaching about humor in English in the following categories:

  • English word play (e.g., puns and riddles)
  •  Humor in English-speaking pop culture (e.g., scenes from humorous movies, sit-coms, animation)
  • Humor in mass media (e.g., humorous headlines, editorial cartoons)
  • Humor and digital literacy (e.g., humor in social networking, such as Facebook memes)
  • Humor and social issues (e.g., satire, political cartoons)
  • Humorous techniques for teaching language points (e.g., grammar rules, pronunciation, phonology)
In all of the above areas, research-informed perspectives which manage to use humor as a tool for providing insights into language and/or culture are particularly welcomed.

If you would like to contribute, please contact John Rucynski. The deadline to submit is 31 March 2015.

Read the full Call for Contributions here.