TESOL Member Resolution in Support of Professional Development Credit for Part-time, Adjunct, and Contingent Faculty (2006)

WHEREAS, TESOL has a long-standing commitment to the in-service and professional development needs of its members; and

WHEREAS, Publishing articles, conducting research, and participating at conferences and conventions constitute valuable professional development experience; and

WHEREAS, TESOL practitioners who are employed on a part-time, adjunct, and/or contingent basis benefit from professional development activity; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That TESOL support and encourage the establishment of salary schedules for part-time, adjunct, and contingent faculty that include pay increases to recognize professional development activity, as distinct from increases based on cost of living or years of service, and to encourage continued professional development.

2006 TESOL Convention
Tampa, Florida, USA

Note: This member resolution was voted upon during the annual business meeting of the association in March 2006. Resolutions passed at the annual business meetings of the membership are not official policy of the association. The resolutions need a vote of approval by the Board of Directors.