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Invited Speakers
For abstracts of these invited speaker sessions, please see the Program Book on-site or the online itinerary planner.

Hong Kong, Canada: A Performed Ethnography for TESOL

Tara Goldstein

International Trends in ELT Policies and Practices: Challenges and Possibilities
Presenters: Jose Manuel Villafuerte, Laura Shayo, Aycan Yaman-Esen

Crossing Borders: Teaching and Researching English in the Middle East
Presenters: Silvia Pessoa, Fatima Esseili

Transnational Refugee Camps: ELT in the Eye of the Storm
Presenters: Pindie Stephen, David Schwarzer, Saladdin Ahmed, Khadar Bashir-Ali, Don Dippo, Farhia Abdi

“Hotel Pennsylvania”: Mediatized Representations of Teachers and Students in TESOL
Presenters: Brian Morgan, Carla Chamberlin-Quinlisk, Christian Chun

TESOL and Blackness: The Return of the Repressed
Presenters: Awad Ibrahim, Osman Zakaria Barnawi

Producing “Place”: Race, Empire, and TESOL Teacher Identities
Presenters: Suhanthie Motha

Multilingual Language Education: Righting Historic Wrongs, Adapting to Linguistic Realities
Presenters: Wayne Wright, Andrea Bear Nicholas, Barbara Burnaby, Ester de Jong, Shelley Taylor

Examining Identity, TESOL, and Cosmopolitanism: EIL and ELF Perspectives
Presenters: Phan Le Ha, Peter De Costa

Helping Multilingual Writers: A Biliteracy Perspective
Presenter: Guillaume Gentil

Teaching English Through International Children’s Songs: A Global Approach
Presenter: Joan Kang Shin

The Complicities of English Language Teaching
Presenters: Alastair Pennycook, Angel Lin, Lynn Mario de Souza, Nelson Flores

Crossing Networks, Building Connections: Inspiring Always-On Learners and Teachers
Presenter: Vance Stevens

TED Talks With an Accent
Presenter: Mary Romney