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TESOL 2019 Call for Proposals


TESOL 2019
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
12–15 March 2019

TESOL: The Local-Global Nexus

What Would You Like to Do?

Strands: A New Way to Organize Convention Proposals

Attendees at the 2019 TESOL International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, will notice something new: an improved organizational system for concurrent sessions.

Following the recommendations of several task forces and a successful pilot at the 2018 TESOL International Convention, the new system will categorize convention proposals differently. Instead of the usual system of overlapping settings, contexts, and content/skill areas, proposals will be categorized in strands. These strand were developed by the Conferences Professional Council in consultation with TESOL Interest Sections and other stakeholders.

TESOL 2019 International Convention & English Language Expo

The annual TESOL convention offers English language teaching professionals and scholars from around the globe the premier opportunity for professional development. Educators and scholars from more than 100 countries exchange ideas and practices, explore a wide range of topics and current trends, expand their professional networks, engage in mentoring on research and other projects, review the latest professional publications and resources, and learn about advocacy efforts in their community and around the world.

TESOL: The Local-Global Nexus

The TESOL 2019 convention theme is TESOL: The Local-Global Nexus. Join the international TESOL community in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and experience what makes this association unique: Engage in dialogue with present and future practitioners, administrators, researchers, and advocacy leaders about language education and policy as you enrich your knowledge, networks, and professional experience.

The Conferences Professional Council

The Conference Professional Council (CPC) has eight members, a board liaison, and a TESOL staff partner. The Council ensures that the content and program of TESOL's annual convention and regional conferences are relevant to the field, and aligned with the association's strategic direction.

2018–2019 CPC Members: Ali Fuad Selvi (chair), Mary Peacock (chair-elect), Lisa Dyson (TESOL staff partner), Shelley Taylor (board liaison), Kelly Vassar, Katya Koubek, Crystal Rose-Wainstock, Caroline Payant, Arlene Costello, Rana Khan and Gena Bennett (ad-hoc member).

TESOL 2019 Strand and Assistant Strand Coordinators

The strand and assistant strand coordinators work closely with the CPC and other stakeholders to ensure that the convention program meets the current needs of TESOL members and other TESOL professionals.

Strand Coordinator Assistant Coordinator
Advocacy & Social Justice Heather Linville Pramod Sah
Applied Linguistics Elena Shvidko David Olsher
Culture & Intercultural Communication Bedrettin Yazan Natalia Balyasnikova
Content & Language-Integrated Approaches Ethel Swartley Michael Ennis
Digital Learning & Technologies Suzan Stamper Justin Shewell
Listening, Speaking, & Pronunciation Rebecca Oreto Tamara Jones
Materials Development & Publishing Jayme Adelson-Goldstein Walton Burns
Personal/Professional Development & Continuing Teacher Learning Liz England Shirlaine Castellino
Program Administration & Evaluation Charles Larson Angela Dornbusch
Reading, Writing, & Literacy Margi Wald Ditley Larson; Diane Schmitt
Language Assessment Christine Coombe Olivia Livneh
Teacher Education & Teacher Learning Gertrude Tinker Sachs Monica Gonzalez Smith
Vocabulary & Grammar Kate Reynolds ​Jennifer C. Majorana
Larry Zwier

TESOL Host Affiliate

The host affiliate for TESOL 2019 will be Georgia Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (GATESOL). Kendra M. Castelow, president of GATESOL, and Jack Hardy will serve as local chairs.

Ready to Submit Your Proposal? Let's Get Started!

You can submit your proposal in early June. The proposal deadline is 2 July 2018 at 5 pm U.S. eastern time. To find the deadline in your time zone, please use the time zone converter. A simpler converter is also available.

 We have a new proposal submission process this year, so please read the following information carefully. All proposals must be submitted via the online proposal submission system. If you have any questions, please contact TESOL Conference Services.

The deadline for TESOL 2019 proposals was 2 July. Thank you for your interest.

TESOL Preconvention Institutes Call for Proposals

TESOL invites proposals for PCIs that deal with classroom practices and applications of research in language learning and teaching. Proposals are welcomed from teachers, teacher educators, researchers, program administrators, materials and curriculum developers, and other professionals in communications, education, linguistics, foreign languages, and other related fields who have extensive experience in providing in-service programs and consulting for educational organizations. All proposals are refereed by TESOL’s Professional Development Professional Council (PDPC).

To submit a PCI proposal, please read the complete TESOL preconvention institute call for proposals.

The deadline for TESOL 2019 PCI proposals was 2 July. Thank you for your interest. 

Call for TESOL 2019 Proposal Reviewers

Reviewers play an important role in ensuring that the presentations at the annual convention reflect the dynamic nature of the profession. We look for reviewers with expertise in the presentation areas so that all proposals receive fair peer reviews.

Who Can Apply?

We invite you to apply if you
  • are a member in good standing of TESOL International Association
  • have reliable internet access
  • have a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)
  • are able to review proposals between 26 July and 23 August 2018

The Application Process

Reviewers must submit the online reviewer application form by 15 June 2018. You will be notified via email by early July if you have been selected to review proposals for TESOL 2019.

If you have questions about the review process, please contact TESOL Conference Services.

Thank you for your service to our association and the TESOL community.