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MyTESOL Lounge Live! (TLL) is a virtual gathering of English language educators to discuss a topic, explore solutions and provide support to each other. Each session will be conducted over Zoom and feature a single topic of discussion chosen by the host. The host has the option to make a brief (no more than 10 minutes) presentation to introduce the topic and discussion questions. The host should be prepared to welcome a variety of participants and consider utilizing polls and breakout rooms to enhance the discussion. Previous TLL’s have drawn between 25 and 100 participants.

TESOL will identify a host and moderator to lead each session and provide the Zoom platform for the session. Additionally, TESOL will work with the host to determine the best day and time, and topic for the session. The host also has the option to recruit a co-host to present with them. Once confirmed, TESOL will handle all marketing and registration functions for the event. While advance sign up is required, there is no cost to participate. TLL is also open to everyone, both members and nonmembers.

The moderator will be an advanced user of Zoom able to assist the host with admitting participants, screen sharing and breakout rooms during the session. All sessions are run using TESOL’s Zoom account. At least 1 week prior to the TLL date, TESOL will virtually introduce the host and moderator and provide the presentation template.

Neither the host or the moderator are compensated. 

Host Responsibilities

  • Work with TESOL to determine the session topic.
  • Log into the Zoom meeting 5 minutes prior to the start.
  • Welcome participants.
  • Connect with moderator in advance to plan the event and coordinate the session.
  • Set the stage for how the hour will flow.
  • Have a few questions or topics ready to start the conversation.
  • Be mindful it will be difficult for attendees to talk at once and everyone will be in a different order on each participant’s screen. You will need to watch for hand-raises and call on individual’s by name.
  • Lead a lively and inclusive discussion.
  • Let TESOL know how it ran and any improvements to consider.
  • Have fun engaging with colleagues in this new way!

Moderator Responsibilities

  • Be knowledgeable about Zoom, specifically admitting participants from the waiting room, screen sharing, designating a co-host, and using breakout rooms.
  • Log into the Zoom meeting 10 minutes prior to the start.
  • Connect with host in advance to plan the event and coordinate the session.
  • Run the general TESOL PowerPoint slides in the background while participants are gathering and departing the session.
  • Introduce the host.
  • Thank attendees for participating.
  • Let TESOL know how it ran and any improvements to consider.