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How to Activate TESOL Student Membership

Student members of TESOL (both new and renewing) must reapply annually to remain at the student membership level by sending verification of full-time student status to TESOL, attention student verifications, at or the main Alexandria, Virginia mailing address or fax numbers listed at the bottom of this Web page. Full-time student status is defined as 3 or more (3+) credits at PhD level, 6+ credits at master's/graduate level, or 12+ credits undergraduate level per term/semester. Student members must have been able to meet this criteria at any point of the membership year in which they join.

Forms of verification can include any one of the following:

  • copy of a dated tuition bill showing enrolled semester hours
  • unofficial registation transcript or report (including reports obtained from online student information systems)
  • letter on college letterhead from an adviser or professor indicating full-time enrollment
  • photocopy, document, or JPEG/GIF e-mail attachment of similar versions of the above items

Or ask your adviser to send an e-mail (identifying his/her full name, title, and institutional address) to verifying current full-time (not merely active) enrollment.

If your institution's primary language is other than English, please provide an English language translation.

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