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Reading In and Beyond the Classroom (C-4)


 English language learners often lack adequate reading fluency. Without fluency, comprehension suffers and interest wanes. Reading appropriately leveled narrative texts is an effective way for ELLs to learn vocabulary, improve fluency, and become independent readers. Workshop participants learn to use narrative texts to promote reading fluency, to engage students in text-based discussion, and to generate interest in reading beyond the classroom.

Who Should Attend? 

Teachers responsible for addressing the literacy needs of ELLs Grades 6–12 and pre-university and who want to update their knowledge of reading pedagogy, and teachers of ELLs with at least basic phonics skills and some ability to read extended text.

What Will I Learn?

 In this workshop, participants will
  • assess their knowledge of reading pedagogy, enumerate the major factors that contribute to reading ability based on an overview of current research, and create a checklist of relevant factors to address during lesson planning  
  • assess the (second language) reading fluency of fellow workshop participants, or apply fluency assessment measures in a simulated ELL scenario
  • examine and evaluate a collection of sample materials in terms of prospective interest to an imagined target audience and suitability for fluency work with the target audience
  • experiment with a variety of procedures for in-class reading with a focus on fluency building
  • develop a lesson plan based on a narrative text and incorporate text-based discussion as a major component of the lesson
  • discuss strategies for encouraging extensive reading outside the classroom and literary connoisseurship inside the classroom

About the Workshop Leader

Nolan Weil is Associate Professor of ESL in the Intensive English Language Institute at Utah State University. His primary role is teaching English for academic purposes to university-bound ELLs. He is particularly interested in the development of reading fluency and academic language proficiency, in both written and oral modes.