Photos from TESOL Symposium on ELT Standards (Panama, 2009)

Meeting at the Ministry of Education, Republic of Panama, September 17, 2009, in Panama City. Left to right: Charles Amorosino, Jr., TESOL Executive Director; Mark S. Algren, TESOL President; Lizzie Garcia de Paredes, 2007-2009 President, Panama TESOL; Davina Cole, past president, Panama TESOL, now with the Ministry of Education’s language unit.

Meeting with the Vice Minister of Education, Panama (third from left). Ana Palencia (second from right) is the 2009-2011 President of Panama TESOL.

Mark Algren, TESOL President, opening the TESOL Symposium on ELT Standards at ULACIT in Panama City, Panama, September 18, 2009.

Lizzie Garcia de Paredes, 2007-2009 President, Panama TESOL, welcoming the participants at the symposium.

Margo Gottlieb, one of three featured speakers at the symposium.

Fernando Fleurquin, featured speaker.

Fernando Fleurquin during the morning plenary session.

Kari Smith, featured speaker.

Charles Amorosino, Jr., Kari Smith, Mark Algren, Lizzie Garcia de Paredes, Margo Gottlieb, and Fernando Fleurquin.

Margo Gottlieb during her afternoon workshop at the symposium.

Debbie Psychoyos leading the closing session.

Symposium participants discussing what they have learned during the closing session.

Symposium participant at the closing session.

Mark Algren, TESOL President, speaking at the morning plenary session at Panama TESOL’s Annual Congress, September 19, 2009.

Mark Algren with Panama TESOL’s leaders and volunteers. Far right, TESOL staff member John Donaldson.

Mark Algren at the Panama Canal, just outside Panama City.