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Supporting English Learners with Exceptional Needs
Patricia Rice Doran and Amy K. Noggle

Patricia Rice Doran Patricia Rice Doran is an Associate Professor of Special Education at Towson University, where her research and teaching focus on supporting English learners with and without disabilities, inclusive practice, and collaborative problem-solving practices for diverse learners. She lives outside Baltimore, Maryland with her family.

Amy K. Noggle Dr. Amy K. Noggle currently serves as Coordinator of the Early Childhood/Special Education program at Towson University. For a decade, she taught early childhood special education in a metropolitan Maryland school district. Her research interests include father involvement, policy issues, and the inclusion of CLD families in special education processes. Her work has been published in the Early Childhood Education Journal and Young Exceptional Children.

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Engaging Research Transforming Practices for the High School
Mary Amanda Stewart and Holly Hansen-Thomas, Editors

Mandy Stewart, Editor Mary Amanda (Mandy) Stewart is Associate Professor of Reading Education at Texas Woman's University. Through the National Writing Project and the federally-funded ELLevate! grant, she regularly learns with/from multilingual high school students while supporting their teachers. She has authored two books about teaching adolescents acquiring English and leveraging their strengths. Connect @DrMandyStewart.

Holly Hansen-Thomas, Series Editor
Holly Hansen-Thomas is Professor of ESL and Bilingual Education at Texas Woman’s University. A two-time Fulbright Scholar, and successful grant writer/manager of approximately 7 million dollars in federal funding, she has worked with EL educators for decades. Her research interests include language awareness, ESL training for content area teachers, and academic language development.

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Navigating the Intercultural Classroom
Tuula Lindholm And Johanne Mednick Myles

Tuula Lindholm Tuula Lindholm, M.A, is an English professor and teaches workplace communication to international professionals at Collège Boréal’s Bridging Program on Project Management & Leadership. In 2018 she collaborated with the Touchstone Institute and the Ontario Government to publish an online 360° View of Communicative Competency at Work intercultural curriculum framework that promotes integration of newcomers in the 21st century workforce.

Johanne Mednick Myles Johanne Myles, PhD. has over 35 years of professional teaching and teacher education experience in ESL and communication skills. She has been involved in research which focus on curriculum design, writing and the acculturation of learners to life in Canada. She is also the co-author of Teaching ESL in Canada.

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Reflection-As- Action in ELT
Thomas S. C. Farrell

Thomas S.C. FarrellThomas S.C. Farrell is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Brock University, Canada. Professor Farrell’s professional interests include Reflective Practice, and Language Teacher Education & Development. He has published widely and has presented at conferences worldwide on these topics. A selection of his work can be found on his webpage: Reflective Inquiry.

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New Ways in Teaching Speaking, 2e
Julie Vorholt, Editor

Julie Vorholt

Julie Vorholt has taught ESL to learners of all ages and trained language teachers in the USA and abroad for 20 years. For the TESOL association, she chaired the Materials Writers Interest Section. She currently teaches in the Lewis & Clark College intensive English program and works as a consultant.

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The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners
TESOL International Association Writing Team

TESOL International Association Writing Team

Deborah J. Short

Deborah J. Short, Ph.D. directs Academic Language Research & Training and delivers professional development on academic language, content-based ESL, and sheltered instruction. She co-developed the SIOP Model of sheltered instruction and has led research for the Carnegie Corporation of NY, Rockefeller Foundation, and U.S. Departments of Education and Justice. She served on TESOL’s Board of Directors and led the 6 Principles writing team.

Helene Becker
Helene Becker is the Director of English Learner Education in the Norwalk (Connecticut) Public Schools and has taught ESL to all ages in Connecticut, New York, and Hawaii. She was a Fulbright Scholar in Italy and is the author of Teaching ESL K-12: Views from the Classroom. Her current interests include training all teachers, grades K-12, in best practices for educating English learners.

Nancy Cloud

Nancy Cloud, Ed.D. is Professor Emerita in the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development at Rhode Island College in Providence. Her publications concern the design and delivery of effective instruction for English Learners in both ESL and Dual Language Programs and she regularly presents on these topics to teachers.

Andrea B. Hellman

Andrea B. Hellman, Ed.D. is Assistant Profess

What School Leaders Need to Know About English Learners
Jan Edwards Dormer

Jan Edwards Dormer

Jan E. Dormer, Ed. D., has extensive experience working with English learners and teachers in diverse countries and contexts. An immigrant language learner herself at age ten, Jan adds personal experience to her expertise in K-12 ELL education. Jan teaches in the graduate TESOL program at Messiah College, in Pennsylvania.

More Than a Native Speaker, 3e
Don Snow and Maxi-Ann Campbell

Don Snow

Don Snow holds an MA in English/TESOL from Michigan State University and a PhD in East Asian language and culture from Indiana University. He has taught language, culture, and linguistics for many years in the United States, Taiwan, mainland China, and Hong Kong, and has worked with a number of organizations that send volunteer teachers abroad. At present he is Director of Duke Kunshan University’s Language and Culture Center.

Maxi-Ann Campbell

Maxi-Ann Campbell received her MA in applied linguistics from Georgia State University. She has taught English and intercultural communication at universities in China, and she has served as a Global Academic Fellow at New York University Shanghai. She currently teaches academic writing at Duke Kunshan University. Her research focuses on native-nonnative speaker interaction in university settings and methods for improving native speakers’ attitudes toward and comprehension of nonnative speech.

New Ways in Teaching Grammar, 2e
Connie Rylance and Andrea Kevech, Editors

Connie Rylance

Connie Rylance has taught ESL in business, intensive, and university programs for over 30 years. At Stanford University, she teaches spoken and written English to international graduate students and trains ITAs. She also does pedagogical consulting and coordinates an intensive English summer program for incoming graduate students.

Andrea Kevech Andrea Kevech has taught ESL both in the US and abroad. She currently teaches writing to international graduate students at Stanford University and composition and oral presentation to undergraduates at San Francisco State University. An ESL instructor for over 35 years, she also mentors MATESOL graduate students at SFSU.