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Affiliates—Regional Organizations

Affiliates are independent, autonomous associations affiliated with TESOL and each other as members of the TESOL community. TESOL affiliates offer English language educators professional information and support within their geographic regions, and are led by the Affiliate Leadership Council (ALC).

Affiliates have been a part of the organizational structure of TESOL since 1969, when nine associations applied for and were granted affiliate status. TESOL is affiliated with more than 100 independent associations with total membership of more than 47,000 professionals. 

Please note that TESOL membership does not include membership in any regional TESOL affiliate, nor does membership in a TESOL affiliate include membership in the worldwide TESOL association.

Find a TESOL Affiliate

The affiliate directory lists all current TESOL affiliates and provides web links, when available.

Visit the Affiliate Leaders' Online Community
An interactive online forum for current affiliate leaders. To be added to the Affiliate Leaders' Community, send a request to

Access Affiliate Benefits
Visit this section for information on taking advantage of the benefits and services offered to current TESOL affiliates. 

Become a TESOL Affiliate

Learn the benefits, requirements, and processes for becoming an official affiliate of TESOL International Association.