Become an Interest Section Leader

Interest sections (ISs) are the lifeblood of TESOL International Association. They offer TESOL members supportive communities of practice where they can share insights or solicit guidance on the professional issues that arise every day. TESOL ISs enable members to shape and advance their areas of interest, and ultimately, the field of English language teaching and learning.

As an IS leader, you will have the opportunity to guide that important process. With input from the membership, IS leaders:

  • determine the IS’s priorities and activities throughout the year
  • keep members apprised of emerging issues that affect their areas of interest
  • work with other IS leaders to explore and develop overlapping interests
  • meet with other association leaders and staff at the annual convention to learn about initiatives, exchange ideas, make decisions about IS governance, and plan future activities
  • oversee the review of proposals in their area of interest for the TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo
Are you ready to learn more? Check out these IS leadership opportunities:

Newsletter Editor
Community Manager