Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Statement of Purpose

TESOL's Computer Assisted Language Learning Interest Section (CALLIS) defines issues and standards in the field of computer-mediated language instruction, promote research and development in the area of computer-based language learning, and disseminate information about CALL to English language educators worldwide.


  • Update standards for evaluating computer-based materials and applications as changes in technology warrant
  • Encourage research in computer-mediated language instruction
  • Promote the development of computer-based activities for English language instruction
  • Encourage TESOL members to become involved in the dissemination of CALL-related information
  • Maintain a software and URL list of language-related software and websites
  • Develop an extensive CD-ROM library of freeware, shareware, and demonstration products available at cost to TESOL members
  • Work with TESOL organizers on logistics of successful computer-based presentations at conferences
  • Serve as a resource to TESOL affiliates on setting up a computer lab for conferences

Electronic Village

At the TESOL Annual Convention & English Language Expo, CALLIS organizes a computer lab called the Electronic Village (EV). The EV includes a Technology Showcase, where convention participants can explore language software and Internet applications and discuss CALL with colleagues from around the world.

Electronic Village Online

CALLIS also hosts the Electronic Village Online (EVO), a series of collaborative online discussion sessions or hands-on virtual workshops on topics related to the annual TESOL convention. The sessions run for five weeks, just prior to the TESOL convention, in January and February.

Run by ESOL experts, these sessions allow the participants to explore the convention theme more fully than at the in-person event. They also allow those who cannot attend the convention to participate online.

EVO sessions are free and open to the general public. You do not have to be a TESOL member to participate. Some of the sessions are also available as Webcasts.

Leaders, 2017-2018

Chair: Claudio Fleury Sasse
Chair-Elect: Christine Sabieh
Past Chair: Jon 'Jack' Watson
Newsletter Editor: Larry Udry
Community Manager: Suzan Stamper
Steering Committee Members: Maria Tomeho-Palermino, Jose Antonio Da Silva, Jeff Kuhn, Jennifer Meyer, Heather Benucci, James May, Ellen Dougherty, Christel Broady, and Marta Halaczkiewicz