Frequently Asked Questions About TESOL Interest Sections

What are TESOL Interest Sections?

Interest Sections (ISs) are special interest groups within TESOL. Primary membership in an IS includes voting rights and leadership opportunities. 

How Can You Join an Interest Section?

Members may join an unlimited number of ISs beyond their primary IS by logging in the TESOL web site, selecting My Communities in the Member Toolbox area and selecting any combination of IS e-list and e-newsletter subscription options available to you.

How Can You Suggest a New Interest Section?

For information on the process of creating a new IS, e-mail TESOL Professional Learning or refer to Standing Rule XI.2.A

Professional Networking Within Interest Sections

Voice your opinion or gain access to the combined resources of your colleagues within your interest sections. Networking opportunities include on-site meetings and events at the annual convention, electronic discussion lists, and periodic e-newsletters.

Many interest sections offer member-created Web sites. Links to any such sites are available within each ISs section.