Higher Education

Statement of Purpose

TESOL’s Higher Education Interest Section (HEIS) advances effective English language instruction, promotes professional standards and practices, influences and supports policies of TESOL and other associations, determines needs in the field and initiate projects to meet such needs, and considers all other matters relevant to ESL in higher education.


  • promote recognition of ESL as an established academic discipline
  • promote professional standards and practices among ESL professionals in higher education
  • improve professional standing and employment conditions for ESL professionals in higher education
  • cooperate in appropriate ways with others having similar concerns
  • provide a forum for exchange of views and research related to ESL in higher education
  • promote research pertinent to ESL in higher education, including academic purposes and specific purposes, methods and materials, and program administration
  • provide expertise on ESL in higher education to TESOL and its Affiliates, and other interest sections as well as to other associations, institutions and agencies
  • cooperate in developing and implementing guidelines and standards for use in establishing, maintaining, and evaluating ESL in higher education
  • survey the membership to determine needs, problems and projects specific to ESL in higher education
  • disseminate news, information and research vital to ESL in higher education
  • provide a unified voice for ESL in higher education in acting on professional and other pertinent issues

Leaders, 2017-2018

Chair: Kevin Martin
Assistant Chair: Rania Khalil
hair-Elect: Katherine Earley
Past Co-Chairs: Katherine Earley and Yogesh Sinha
Member-at-Large: ​T. Leo Schmitt and Tara Smith
Newsletter Editor: Maria Ammar
Community Manager: ​Maria Ammar
Social Media Manager: Sarah Springsteen