Intensive English Programs

Statement of Purpose

TESOL's Intensive English Programs Interest Section exists to serve the needs of those who work in intensive English programs (IEPs), which serve those who need to acquire proficiency in English is a relatively short time. The concerns of the membership include methodology, curriculum design, materials development, placement, evaluation, program administration, technology-assisted instruction, English for specific purposes, culture, learners' concerns, and members' employment concerns.


  • Foster the recognition of English language instruction as a professional academic discipline at all levels of education
  • Facilitate the gathering and exchange of knowledge and information among ESOL professionals in IEPs by sponsoring special projects, convention sessions, and publications
  • Stimulate and disseminate scholarship, research, and professional development regarding language teaching and related concerns in IEPs
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of views on IEP-related issues through affiliate and TESOL conventions and other media
  • Advocate for the professional concerns of the members and the students the members teach
  • Mentor, advise, and train members with regard to conference proposals, publications, and professional concerns
  • Promote ethical and high professional standards of teaching, administration, and employment practices in IEPs
  • Represent the needs and concerns of IEP professionals to the TESOL membership, Board of Directors, Central Office, and Interest Section Leadership Council (ISLC)
  • Represent TESOL at affiliate conferences and activities and in institutional programs
  • Ensure the viability and continuity of TESOL by training and encouraging aspiring practitioners in the IEPIS to become officers
  • Identify persons within the IEP community who may serve as resources to others
  • Cooperate with other organizations addressing the needs of IEPs in order to achieve common goals

Leaders, 2017-2018

Chair: Peggy Street
Chair-Elect: Russell Kiser
Past Chair: Dayna Ford
Members-at-Large: Patricia Moon Tapper, Carole Franki, and Jennifer Phillips
Secretary: Julie Doty
Newsletter Editor: Olivia Riordan
Community Manager: Tony Terry