Refugee Concerns

Statement of Purpose

TESOL's Refugee Concerns Interest Section (RCIS) addresses the specific language and cultural needs of the entire refugee family group, including learners of all ages, by bringing together educators interested in refugee work, providing a forum for discussion, and disseminating information.


  • Develop an awareness of the role of ESL in refugee education at all levels in English-speaking countries
  • Disseminate information in areas of refugee ESL and serve as a means of communication among refugee educators in all English-speaking countries
  • Educate the public, government officials, and other educators about the needs of the refugee population in English-speaking communities
  • Encourage linkages between overseas refugee training programs and domestic ESL programs for refugees

Leaders, 2017-2018

Chair: Jenna Altherr Flores
Chair-Elect: Raichle Farrelly
Chair-Elect-Elect: Kimberly Kelly
Past Chair: Deborah Norland
​Members-at-Large: ​Kaelei Haws, Kristin Kibler, Kristiina Montero, Christine Tennyson, Eileen Ariza, and Nancy Strom
Secretary: Stacy E. Brown
Newsletter Editor: ​Stacy E. Brown
Community Manager: Stacy E. Brown