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Affiliate News: February 2010

Affiliate News (February 2010): Welcome from the Chair

by User Not Found | 11/10/2011
Wecome from the Chair

Don Weasenforth, Chair, TESOL Affiliate Leadership Council,

On behalf of the Affiliate Leadership Council (ALC), I would like to extend a warm greeting to all affiliate leaders. We offer an especially warm welcome to the following affiliates and their representatives who have joined TESOL since our convention in Denver:

I would like to thank all affiliate leaders who completed the ALC’s online survey last year. Your responses have helped guide our work this year, helping us in general to serve you better. If in the survey you requested information or assistance, we have tried to provide the information and assistance on our Ning site, which you can find at If you have not yet seen this site, please do use it; it’s a great resource for affiliate leaders.

For those of you who are new affiliate leaders, the ALC is a council that was created 5 years ago to serve as a liaison between affiliates and the TESOL Board of Directors. Our duties include organizing the Affiliate Assembly, Leadership Workshop, Affiliate Newsletter Workshop, Affiliate Colloquium, and Affiliate Booth at the annual TESOL convention. These activities create forums for networking and exchanging ideas. The articles and photos in the past issues of our newsletter, The Affiliate News, will give you a better idea of what we have accomplished over the past 5 years. You can find past issues of The Affiliate News at You can also find additional information about the ALC at

We are beginning a new year, and 2010 brings with it the promise of another exciting annual convention. We are looking forward to meeting many of you in Boston toward the end of March, especially in the several affiliate meetings that are scheduled throughout the week. You will find a list of the affiliate meetings and their tentative schedule in this newsletter.

Please keep an eye open this spring for affiliate e-list messages with more information about the affiliate meetings, where you can gain information and make connections that will help you lead your affiliates. Please remember that all affiliates are required to attend the Affiliate Assembly at least once every 2 years. This year’s Affiliate Assembly is scheduled on Friday, March 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. My plan is to send out an agenda for this meeting prior to the conference and to implement a new format that will streamline the meeting and provide more interactive participation of affiliate leaders. Valerie Borchelt, the ALC’s Central Office Liaison, will send you additional information about the Assembly this spring.

Also this spring, Misty Adoniou will send additional information about the Affiliate Leaders’ Workshop, which will focus on partnerships between affiliates. This will be a very interesting and useful workshop for all affiliates. Karen Cadiero-Kaplan will update you about the ever-popular Newsletter Editors’ Workshop. Ismael Garrido has planned an engaging colloquium that will focus on international representation within TESOL. Our new Member A will contact you regarding the Affiliate Booth, a booth in or near the Publishers Exhibit where affiliate leaders can promote their affiliates and their events.

Speaking of our new Member A, members of the ALC would like to thank very much the three candidates for running for this position:

Caralyn W. Bushey

WATESOL Past President

Dorothy Forbin

CAMELTA National President

Judy Hobson

ARKTESOL Treasurer

We encourage all eligible affiliate leaders to consider serving on the ALC, which will provide a broad perspective of TESOL, offer numerous networking opportunities, and yield invaluable experience in supporting the profession in very meaningful ways. The election results are reported in the Announcements section of this newsletter: Watch for the call for nominations, which will be sent out this fall.

Finally, the ALC has been asked to consider the purpose and structure of the affiliate meetings at the annual convention. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding these meetings, please send them to me at ALC members will be considering these issues during the ALC meetings in Boston at the convention.

I and the other ALC members look forward to seeing you in Boston this March!