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Affiliate News: February 2010

Affiliate News (October 2009): A Wealth of Free Resources from the Center for Applied Linguistics

by User Not Found | 11/10/2011
A Wealth of Free Resources from the Center for Applied Linguistics

Rita Deyoe-Chiullan, Publications Coordinator, TexasTESOL V

In case you are welcoming new students who are refugees and you lack resources to understand their linguistic, cultural, and experiential backgrounds, the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) offers several in-depth downloadable PDF publications that will be invaluable resources for students from Iraq, Burma, and other places.

Begin by getting on their news list for monthly updates. CALnews for April 2009 can be found here.

CAL's main page on Refugee Integration may not lead you quickly and easily to these resources, so try these links to their Enhanced Refugee Backgrounders.

A COR logo in the lower left-hand corner of CAL’s homepage will take you to its Cultural Orientation Resource Center. On the right side of this page under pictures of the covers of documents about Burma, Iraq, and a Guidebook for Refugees, you can click on “View all Publications,” a page that lists collections of publications by type of publication project as you scroll down the center of the page. In addition to the Backgrounders, this list includes Culture Profiles, which are mentioned on other pages but not linked.

As is the case with many Web sites maintained by large or complex organizations, you often cannot get there from here, and when you find a treasure, you should record the title of the publication as well as the current Web location, because if they move items around, you may only be able to find it again by searching for the title.

Other items of interest might be the CAL Digests. You can download a PDF document listing all these digests here. The digests could be used to assign staff or students to prepare brief updates in classes or during staff meetings. Please note that though the links show an online format, to the right of the article is a link to download a printable PDF version.

The following digests are now available in both Spanish and English and could be used with Spanish-speaking parents:

Raising Bilingual Children: Common Parental Concerns and Current Research

La crianza de niños bilingües: preocupaciones communes de los padres y las investigaciones actuales

Spanish for Spanish Speakers: Developing Dual Language Proficiency

I have enjoyed using the following with my preservice ESL and bilingual education students:

Spanish for Spanish Speakers: Developing Dual Language Proficiency

Integrated Content and Language Instruction

Principles of Instructed Second Language Acquisition

This article is reprinted with permission from the TexTESOL V Spring 2009 newsletter. Access this and other TexTESOL V newsletters directly at the TexTESOL V Web site.