Affiliate Colloquium at TESOL 2011

Don Weasenforth, ALC Past Chair,

The 2011 Affiliate Colloquium will focus on the "E" in TESOL, that is, the Englishes that are taught globally and the implications of the growing prominence of multiple Englishes for language policy and teaching. The title of the colloquium is "English As an International Language and Its Implications for Policy and Pedagogy."

Colloquium Abstract

Affiliate leaders from various regions examine the "E" in TESOL, focusing on English as an International Language (EIL) as a justifiable variety of English as well as its implications for language policy and language instruction. Panelists discuss the universality, flexibility, and neutrality of EIL. Linguistic features and functionality that distinguish EIL from other varieties of English are identified as a basis for a discussion of global variations in teaching English. The merits of teaching EIL compared to elusive varieties of "native English" are considered.

The time and location of the colloquium will be announced in the spring issue of the Affiliate News. If you would like to serve as one of the panelists, e-mail Don Weasenforth