Affiliate Programs

TESOL Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate benefits are provided to serve your membership and leaders. Expand professional development opportunities for your organization today by participating in TESOL affiliate programs and services.

TESOL Affiliate Speaker Requests: Need an informative keynote speaker for your annual affiliate conference? Invite a TESOL Board of Director, Affiliate Leadership Council Member, or staff member by completing a speaker request form.

Complimentary TESOL Memberships: Submit your Annual Affiliate Dues and Report by the deadline and receive 7 complimentary TESOL memberships. Memberships applications must be submitted to the Professional Relations Manager before the next TESOL convention.

The Affiliate News: Introduce your members to the TESOL affiliate leader community. Invite your members to publish articles in the next edition of the Affiliate News.

TESOL Worldwide Calendar of Events: Make your conference known to TESOL members. This online calendar, updated on a monthly basis, is an excellent site to promote your affiliate conference and other professional development events, all on TESOL's website. When submitting a Calendar of Events form, affiliates may also request complimentary TESOL publications to display at the conference.

TESOL Label Requests: Would you like to expand your annual affiliate conference attendee list? If so, request mailing labels of TESOL members who reside in your region. This complimentary offer is available once a year; TESOL asks the affiliate to reciprocate. Send requests to

Leadership Update: Stay informed by keeping TESOL's database up to date! If your affiliate recently elected new leaders, update TESOL by e-mailing your new leadership informationto the Professional Relations Manager. TESOL communicates with affiliate leaders based on the latest leadership information that you provide to Central Office.

Meetings and workshops at Annual Convention for Affiliates: The  Affiliate Leaders’ Workshop, Affiliate Colloquium, Affiliate Assembly, Orientation for New Leaders, and Newsletter Editors’ Workshop all provide affiliate leaders with the opportunity to share hot topics, issues, and concerns with counterparts from around the world.

Best of Affiliate sessions at the Annual Convention: An opportunity to showcase outstanding presentations from affiliates and reward them with a place in the TESOL Convention program.

Online Professional and Social networking:  The ALC has established a social and professional networking site, through the social networking platform Ning, which allows affiliate leaders and their representatives to keep in touch with other affiliates all year round. Through the site affiliates can share resources and ideas and seek the advice of others. Other features include photo and video sharing and an events calendar.

To receive an invitation to join the networking site, please contact

TESOL affiliation connects you to:

  • A global network of regional English language organizations represented in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. 
  • Opportunities to improve language teaching by fostering the exchange of ideas, resources, information, newsletters, and reflective experiences through online discussions, partnerships, conferences, and workshops.
  • Consultants, advisors, and leading educators involved in organizational management, membership development and retention, leadership and professional development, and more.