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Responding to News Stories

by Roger Drury | 20 Nov 2013
Resource Description: This is a shorthand list of several ways to do critical analysis.
Audience: University
Audience Language Proficiency: Advanced, Intermediate
Duration: One assignment or assignments through a semester
Materials and Technology: In oral skills, reading and even integrated skills classses, I have students listen to/read news stories. 

In our academic program, we encourage critical thinking, so I have this handout which lists several critical thinking stragegies.  I'll have students use the full range of these strategies over the course of a session.
Objective(s): Listening (and Speaking)
Integrated Skills
Outcome(s): By practicing these various approaches to critical thinking, students should have a better understanding of the range of analytical approaches.
Activity Description: In our academic program, we encourage critical thinking, so I developed this list of several critical thinking stragegies.

I give the list to students at the beginning of the session and review the strategies with examples. 

Through the rest of our sessoin, I have students watch, listen to or read news articles   They do a critical response to one of these regularly, and I have them use a different strategy for each response, identifying it by its number and name.
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