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Sounds IELTS

by Geoff Taylor | 23 Jun 2014
Resource Description:

“Sounds IELTS” is an iPhone/iPad app for English language learners. It provides interactive pronunciation training for students English as a foreign language at intermediate (B1) level and above. It is based on the Academic Word List (AWL). This version provides British English models.

Audience: Adult, Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Advanced, Intermediate
Duration: 120 minutes
Materials and Technology: This is a commercial app available from the App Store on iTunes, pretty much worldwide, for 0.99c (US) or local equivalent. The current version works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, iOS 7 and later.
Objective(s): The focus is on identifying syllable count and location of primary stress in academic English words
Outcome(s): Students will have improved their aural recognition of the words in the Academic Word List, and their accuracy in oral production
Activity Description: It is ideal for 1-to-1 or self-study modes. It can also be used with groups or classroom mode, but you will need to display the app on a wide-screen TV, screen, whiteboard or similar, and amplify the audio.
References: This app was developed by a practising experienced English language teacher. Although it was not developed according to specific academic principles, studies indicate a suitable methodological rationale: that subvocal rehearsal of words heard (Baddeley et al, 1998), connected to cognitive processing activities highlighting the key features targeted, will tend to result in improvements in aural recognition of words and accuracy in oral production. ["The phonological loop as a language learning device" Baddeley, Alan; Gathercole, Susan; Papagno, Costanza, Psychological Review, Vol 105(1), Jan 1998, 158-173]
Useful Links: Download from the App Store on iTunes (search for "Sounds IELTS"), pretty much worldwide, for 0.99c (US) or local equivalent, or follow links from the developer's website: