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The Sphinx without a Secret - Oscar Wilde - Text and Questions

by EFL Classics | 30 Sep 2016
Resource Description:

A classic short story by Oscar Wilde, especially adapted for English learners. The download also includes a glossary of unfamiliar words, general understanding questions, and detailed grammatical analysis of the text, as well as some literary questions to consider.  Some ideas are including on how short stories could be used by language learners. Audio material is also available. This is one in a series of 60 books for English language learners.

Audience: Adult
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours
Objective(s): To improve students' reading ability through the use of classic literature.
Activity Description:

This text and accompanying questions can be used in class as the basis for extended reading exercises, and to increase students' appreciation of English literature.

The teacher is free to use this text and accompanying questions/glossary in any way they choose.

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