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The world as I see it

by Nasreen Bhatti (Pakistan) | 24 Feb 2017
Resource Description:

This activity was actually a class task which required learners to draw the world as they see in their imagination.

Audience: Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 1 hour but it may vary
Materials and Technology: This activity just needs colors/markers and A4 white papers.
Objective(s): Through involving their creativity in this activity, this activity aims to connect my learners to the learners of their age across the world. As per my plan, I have sent these picture books to my friends out of Pakistan so that they may utilize it in their classrooms.
Outcome(s): This activity will enable them to think out of the box and to see the world in more broader context.
Activity Description:

After students finish the activity, teacher should assess the drawings which convey strong message. For example out of 60 drawings, I selected only ten which convey the picture of the world which every child in the world desires to see. Moreover, rather than displaying on notice boards, it is better to get it done in form of picture book which can be utilized in libraries and can be sent to other friend teachers across the world to get connected the learners.

References: no any reference used. (Just a title page image was searched via google image).
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