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Cam and Sam Part 1

by Khidar Abdullah | 24 Mar 2017
Resource Description: This is part of an emerging series called Phonics-toons, that are based on synthetic phonics. Cam and Sam Part 1 is a short vowel'a' story that includes digraphs and sight words. It is animated cartoon employing text, audio and visuals. It is enriched by a printable pdf reader that can be placed in reading corners. It is geared towards the digital generation. 
Audience: Elementary
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner
Duration: 10 minutes
Materials and Technology: A computer with a monitor/lcd projector and speakers to play the Phonics toon ( A printer is required to print the PDF version reader. In addition, it can be accessible to students via gdrive or virtual learning environment (vle).
Objective(s): The objective is to practice short vowel 'a' with digraphs and sight words. The cartoon medium is a 21st Century approach to engage young learners. The audio file enables the students to correct their blending skills. 
Outcome(s): The outcome is a fun and engaging activity to promote literacy amongst ELLs. The toon and printable readers are short enough to give students a sense of accomplishment. It is best used with repetition.  
Activity Description:

Teacher plays the Phonics-toon 2-3 times in an all class activity. Teacher than projects the pdf reader version and the entire glass reads it together twice to practice fluency. Teacher than places a few printed copies of the PDF reader so the students can practice at a later time.

Useful Links:

This is the link to the Phonics-toon posted on YouTube.

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