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Automated NATO Alphabet for Pick and Pack Employees

by Christy Schaffner | 09 Jun 2017
Resource Description: This is an interactive powerpoint presentation that teaches a modifed NATO alphabet typically used with a Talkman system for pick and pack employees.  This in-ear voice system is particularly challenging for ELLs because of the robotic nature of the voice, so this powerpoint seeks to provide additional input and support in this new "language". Presentation of the alphabet with audio and visual support is included with group controlled practices and games at the end. 
Audience: Adult
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner
Duration: 45 mins
Materials and Technology: A projector, computer, and speakers are required.  A ​link to the PPT is included, which links to the file on Dropbox.
Objective(s): This lesson focuses on listening comprehension and visual matching exclusively. This is intended for employees that use a Talkman device (or something similar) in a factory setting.  A Talkman system is a centrally-controlled audio system that directs pick and pack employees in their daily tasks.  The audio that employees hear is robotic (text-to-speech) in nature, so this lesson provides translation of that "language" into everyday speech. 
By the end of this lesson, students will be able to match the robotic (text-to-speech) audio files of a modified NATO alphabet with the appropriate visuals.
Activity Description: The alphabet presentation is divided into two halves, with a break in the middle for controlled practice and a game.  The audio is embedded into each slide and can be repeated as necessary.
Useful Links: Link to PPT on Dropbox
TESOL Interest Section: Adult Education