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Sound-Alike Words Game: Hear & See

by multiple | 05 Jul 2017
Resource Description: This game, MatchIt, helps students hear and see commonly confused Sound-alike words such as too, to, and two: there, their, and they're, and so on. It is one of the many free games provided by VocabularySpellingCity for ESL worldwide, it works on any device.
Audience: Adult, Elementary, Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Duration: 15 minutes
Materials and Technology: This requires a computer or tablet or chromebook or smartphone.
Objective(s): It helps students understand commonly confused sound-alike words.
Outcome(s): At the end, common confusions about frequently confused terms will be resolved.
Activity Description: This activity can be done as a whole class instruction or one on one. It is self-running and correcting.  It is one of hundreds of free activities to help ESL students from
TESOL Interest Section: Computer-Assisted Language Learning