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Famous Guest Interview

by Dr. Phillip Elliott | 13 Nov 2017
Resource Description: Students act as HOSTS and MYSTERY GUESTS on a TV program. Teacher offers guidance through a HOST worksheet and a MYSTERY GUEST worksheet. 
Audience: Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: one hour
Materials and Technology: 2 worksheets
Objective(s): Speaking, Imagining, Entertaining
Outcome(s): Feel like a different person. Feel important. Be able to think on their feet.
Activity Description:

Divide students into Group A and Group B. Hand out the HOST sheet to Group A students and separate them from the Group B students. Group A students may work individually or with others as they prepare for the interview. Group B students receive the GUEST sheet and likewise can complete their preparation individually or with other students. Give all students 15 minutes to prepare. The teacher roams to make sure students are on track and to assist them with vocabulary and prodding and whatever help they need.


Have Group A students seated individually at different desks or tables. Have one seat available for a Group B student to be seated with a Group A student. Ask the Group B students to sit down with a Group A student of their choice, and to begin the interview. It will take students just a minute or so to decide on which HOST to be interviewed by.


Teacher is seated to witness all interviews taking place and to listen in. Interviews last 15 minutes.


Place one table or desk at the front and have one pair remain there. All other students bring their chairs together in rows, to act as the audience. Allow each pair to perform their interview again, and this time there must be audience participation, with questions, remarks, shout outs, and so forth. The teacher decides who will go in what order. This will take at least 30 minutes to complete if all pairs are given the chance to perform again.

References: My brain.
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