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Vocabulary Warm-Up

by Songul Tomek Batcioglu | 07 Aug 2018
Resource Description: This is a 5-minute end of class or warm-up activity. It is a fun activity to learn words by heart. The words are randomly chosen by each student.
Audience: Adult, Secondary, Teacher Training, University
Audience Language Proficiency: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Duration: 5 minutes
Materials and Technology:

Paper & marker/pen or board

Objective(s): Vocabulary revision, practise background vocabulary knowledge, activate memory, make connections between things
Outcome(s): By the end of the activity, students will have made connections between two irrelevant words by using their own vocabulary knowledge.
Activity Description:

This is a 5 minute game which can be applied in all levels. You probably know the game in which students make up one word by the last letter of the word that the previous student says. This is a similar one but the purpose is to keep a connection between the words. Rather than finding a word with last letter, each student tells a word of which the previous word reminds him. My students really like it.

The only thing you need to do is to find 2 irrelevant words and write them up on board.

Ex: monkey ice cream

The teacher says monkey and the first student says what it reminds him. (This will probably go on with banana ) The next student says what banana reminds him. To lead the class youd better repeat each new word. In the end, they will try to reach the word ‘ice cream’ while keeping the connection between the words. (See the picture on the next page to have a clear idea.)

You can play it with the whole class or in groups You can divide the students into groups of four, write a pair of words on the board, and ask students to find relevant words to complete the chain. The group that finishes first wins.

Here are a few ideas to play with the words which do not seem related at the first glimpse.

**Alternatively, You can put the students into groups and give them the the same pair of words (write on the board). The group that finishes the first by making connections, read their words aloud and if there is connectioon beteween each word, they get points.

Forest → Nurse                                                           

Rubbish bin → Mojito

Toilet paper → Blind date

Bed → Apple

Steve Jobs → Ice-cream

Clock → Mosquito

Swimming Pool → Cupcake

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