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Workshop Lesson - Eating Out

by Ivan Iannotta | 29 Oct 2018
Resource Description:

The lesson's aim is to review the vocabulary topic "Eating out", which was featured in the textbook we are using at our school. 

Desks are arranged into "task islands", at which students do different activities (grammar, reading, vocabulary, video comprehension). At the end of each activity, they check the answer keys and proceed to the next activity. 

At the end of the lesson, students fill out a self-assessment form (based on the can-do statements of the European Language Portfolio) that helps them reflect on the difficulties they had and the skill(s) they need to brush up on. 

Students work autonomously and can choose if they want to work in pairs or groups.

The teacher monitors the activities and is available for students whenever they need help.

The results of the self-assessment and of the activities is then discussed together in the next lesson. 

As a follow-up activity, students work in pairs and must create their own café or restaurant, which they will then present in class with a PowerPoint presentation.

Audience: Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner
Duration: 90 minutes
Materials and Technology: Worksheets, interactive smartboard (if available), A3 posters, one or two portable PCs (for the video comprehension)
Objective(s): The lesson's aim is to review a specific vocabulary topic (eating out, restaurants and cafes), through various activities that the students can work on in an autonomous manner, with teacher's support if needed. The skills involved are reading, listening, vocabulary, speaking.
Outcome(s): At the end of the activity, students will have reviewed the words and expressions related to the topic of eating out, restaurants, etc. They will be able to use a set of words and expressions at elementary/pre-intermediate level, talk about their preferences, and use those words and expressions to understand a written text and a video about the topic. The students will be able to use the reviewed words and expressions to make an oral presentation about a café or restaurant they created. At the end of the activity, the students will have improved their ability to work autonomously and self-assess their progress.
Activity Description:

The aim of the lesson and the procedures involved should be explained during the lesson preceding the workshop, so as to maximize the amount of time available for the activities. Students should also receive the instructions for the activities on a handout.

At the beginning of the lesson, 2-3 desks are put together to create "task islands", at which students can work, in pairs or small groups, on a different activity (reading, grammar, vocabulary, video, speaking). The necessary handouts for each activity are put on the desk at the beginning of the lesson.

The teacher sits at the "speaking desk" (usually the teacher's own desk), where students can practice their speaking skills individually or in pairs. 

Students must work autonomously with the teacher intervening only when necessary.

At the end of each activity, students check the answer keys and can consult with the teacher if they have any doubts about the activity they have just completed.

Ten minutes before the end of the lesson, students fill out the self-assessment form, which will then be discussed in the next lesson.

As a follow-up activity, students must create their own café or restaurant and present it to the class with a PowerPoint presentation.

Useful Links:

This is the link to the video used in the lesson. 

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