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Teaching Poetry: Students teach their peers poetry

by Charmian Abelson Lezmy | 09 Feb 2021
Resource Description: Students present poetry to their peers.
Audience: Elementary, Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: Ten sessions of 50 minute lessons
Materials and Technology: None - the students present their poems online or in the class.

Listening skills

Reading Skills

Creative skills


Peer interaction

Peer feedback


The students feel empowered to choose their own pieces of literature.

They can present in any way they choose.

They feel proud of their endeavor and enjoy preparing and presenting.

They know how to listen, present, ask questions and interact with their peers.

They know how to run a lesson.

Some students illustrated the activity itself (see enclosed).


Activity Description:

Ask the students to choose a poem or song lyrics.

Prepare a list of the chosen pieces so all the students can see.

Write the date of presentation.

References: Fussell, Paul. Poetic Meter and Form Revised Edition, Rutgers University, Random House New York, 1979 

Wolosky, Shira. Art of Poetry: How to Read a Poem, Oxford University Press 2001
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