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Simple classroom activity for strengthening writing process with speaking activities in the EL class

by Joanna Machinska | 28 May 2021
Resource Description:

Simple writing-speaking classroom activity.

This activity is great to encourage students to write.  It is simple enough to be successfully completed by the beginners; as well it gives more advanced students an option to write more. They can use informal language while answering, and following discussions also motivates them to use communicative language. Whether in class, or as homework, the activity should provide students with enough time to structure the sentences correctly. Students might be encouraged by the teacher to write more sentences to explain their main point.

Audience: Elementary, Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate
Duration: 30 minutes

This activity works as an opener of the class or the exit activity. It is an individual activity that combines writing and speaking skills.

The simple writing activity encourages students to write complete simple sentences and share them by having discussions in the classroom.


Outcome(s): Students will practice their writing skills, speaking and critical thinking skills.
Activity Description:

1. The teacher must prepare the slips of paper with one incomplete sentence. The sentence might be related to the topic of the class or encouraging students to personalize their answers.

For example: 

"What I remember from the previous class is ..."

" Right now I am feeling....And by the end of this class, I'd like to ..."

"If you knew me better, you would know..."

"One thing I wish my teacher/ my classmates would know about me is ..."

"Before I die, I would like to..."

2. Students are given slips of paper (prepared by the teacher before the class) with the sentence openers and they are asked to complete the sentence individually. Students should be given enough time to think and complete it correctly.


3. After completing their sentences, the students can share their answers aloud with other students or only peers. After that they may have a short discussion about it.


An alternative: Teacher can collect all the papers and read them aloud. The students may guess who the author of each sentence is. It can also be followed by a discussion.


4. If the activity is introduced by the end of the class, students can be asked to write more as an explanation at home, and bring it to the next class.