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Group Activity for Strengthening Writing Skills

by Dr. B.S. Selina | 01 Jun 2021
Resource Description: The activity is designed for practicing writing. Students are divided into groups where they first work in groups, then individually and later read out their work to their group members.
Audience: University
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 60 minutes
Materials and Technology: Pictures of famous women in the world, pieces of paper in an envelope (prepared by the teacher in advance), blackboard, pieces of chalk, pen and notebook
Objective(s): The objective of the activity is to strengthen writing skills of students. Teamwork is also practiced.
Outcome(s): Students will be able to logically arrange jumbled sentences and write brief biographies from the information provided.
Activity Description:
  1. Teacher elicits the names of famous women in the world and writes them on the black board
  2. Teacher shows pictures of four famous women and puts them on the board
  3. Teacher again elicits information on each of the women from the students
  4. The students are then divided into groups of 4
  5. The teacher gives each group an envelope containing brief information about the four women in jumbled statements on pieces of paper.
  6. The students discuss and sort out the pieces of paper to form brief biographies
  7. Based on the brief information provided on the pieces of paper, each student writes meaningful biographies on one of the four famous women
  8. Teacher conducts a check of all groups to make sure all students attempt the writing task
  9. After students finish writing the biography, they read their work aloud to their group members
TESOL Interest Section: English as a Foreign Language