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Speaking Activity for Intermediate Level

by Gülşah Meydan | 14 Jun 2021
Resource Description: Speaking activity to drill comparatives.
Audience: University
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 30 min
Materials and Technology: Attached worksheet and coins
Objective(s): To practice using comparative adjectives and adverbs in speaking
Outcome(s): Students will be able to use the comparative adjectives and adverbs in sentences.
Activity Description: Use the attached worksheet. Have students get into small groups of 2-4 students. Ask for a volunteer to play with you. Flip the coin. If the coin is “heads,” move one space away from the “start” position. If the coin is “tails,” move it two places. Pretend that you have landed on the adjective “easy.” Now form a comparative statement using “easy.” For example, “Curling is easier than boxing.” Now have the volunteer flip the coin. If the student lands on “easy,” she needs to form a comparative statement that is different from your statement. For example, “English is easier than Japanese.” Then indicate that it is your turn again.
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