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Writing Activity: A Poster for Our Future

by Figen Karaferye | 24 Jun 2021
Resource Description:

Writing activity: Preparing a poster by studying cause & effect relationship in writing a text (on the topic “a peaceful & sustainable planet”).

Audience: University
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 45 minutes
Materials and Technology:

Attached PDF file, which shows some cause & effect templates to make use of; a cartoon paper (A3 size) to prepare a poster; colourful pens; post-its

Alternative b. Presentation programs can be used instead of paper & pens to prepare a poster, such as canva, padlet, etc.


To practise cause & effect relationship in writing


Students will be able to use cause & effect sentences in writing.

Activity Description:

Students choose either to use paper & pens to prepare the poster on the topic “a peaceful & sustainable planet”, or to use an online program to prepare the poster.

Firstly, they use the PDF file to make use of one of the templates given to organize their ideas and notes.

Secondly, they share their templates full of with their ideas with their peers to get feedback on their cause & effect notes. Each feedback has to be given on post-its. If you are in class, you can use the learning stations technique; if this is an online classroom, you can use an interactive board such as padlet to share the prepared templates and give feedback.

Thirdly, each student checks all the post-its of feedback, then finalizes their cause & effect ideas.

Students prepare their posters using their cause & effect ideas. They can draw pictures or use some actual pictures to increase the effect of their posters.

Lastly, all the posters are put on the walls of the classroom or exhibited on padlet. Depending on the time, the stations technique can be used again.

Uploaded Files: