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Creating a Reading Journal

by Sarah Sahr | 21 Aug 2013
Resource Description: I have created a basic reading journal to help students put to words how they react to different parts of a story. This reading journal is made for students who read fiction. You could try using it with nonfiction, but explaining some of the literary elements might get complicated.
Audience: Adult
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Area to be Assessed: Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary
Assessment Procedure: In getting students ready to start journaling, it would be best to help students find a book they will actually enjoy. However, if your class is reading a novel together, feel free to use this journal. Everyone will need a copy of the journal. I would suggest having students create a title page. The title page should include the book’s title, author, year published, publisher, student name, and a due date. To make the title page more appealing, a student could draw a picture, but it’s not necessary. Once everyone has a copy, go through the journal page by page to make sure everyone knows what’s expected of him or her.
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