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Simple Self-Assessment Card for Young Learners

by Melissa Pavy | 23 Oct 2015
Resource Description:

This is a short self-assessment card to encourage reflection in young learners and to help teachers monitor  students' engagement and progress.

Audience: Elementary
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner
Type of Assessment Tool:

The assessment card is a five question survey. Students assess how well they understood their teacher and classmates and whether they used English in class. Finally, students recall the new language they learned and which words were difficult. 

Area to be Assessed: Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary
Duration: 5 minutes
Assessment Procedure:

Distribute cards to students at the end of the lesson. For the first three questions, instruct students to color the smiley face that best represents their experience that day. For the last two questions, students write specific words or phrases from the lesson. Allow extra time for explanation and demonstration the first time you use the assessment. Add first language support to the card if desired.

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