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Living with Coronavirus

by Elif Yasin | 29 Mar 2021
Resource Description: This assessment tool is prepared for those learners who have a level of A2/B. It could be used to test learners' reading skills. For advanced level learners, the content might be too easy, so it should be decided according to the profile of the learners.
Audience: Adult, Secondary, University
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Type of Assessment Tool: Depending on the needs of learners, it may be used as a quiz or a test which has three different question types; Multiple choice, Matching and T/F/NG. 
Area to be Assessed: Reading
Duration: 25 minutes
Assessment Procedure: For each correct question, 1 point is given; after the calculation, teachers can get a percentage of the scoring to decide on how their learners do. 
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TESOL Interest Section: English as a Foreign Language