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Mr. Bean Sandwich Making: Past Perfect

by Josephine E Cox | 20 Feb 2015
Resource Description: This lesson plan is to introduce or review ordering of events using the past perfect.  It is based on a Mr. Bean comedy routine to bring humor into the classroom.  Along with communicative grammar practice, students will also be able to discuss appropriate and inappropriate social behaviors and participate in a role play on how to react politely to an inappropriate behavior.  
Audience: Adult, Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 90-120 minutes
Language Skill: Grammar, Speaking
Content Area: TESOL/ EFL/ ESL General English (Pre-Intermediate/ Intermediate)
Materials and Technology: Technology:  Access to YouTube; computer with video player

Web links:

  1. Verb Cards 
  2. Role Play Cards
Objective(s): Objective:  to introduce or review the basic past perfect tense (earlier past, ordering of events) with humor.  
Outcome(s): By the end of the lesson, the student will be able to order events as seen in a comedy routine in a complex sentence using the past perfect tense.
By the end of the lesson, the student will have discussed social etiquette and appropriate/ inappropriate behaviors in society.
By the end of the lesson, the students will have participated in a comic role play about inappropriate behavior and how to react politely. 
Procedure: Please see the PDF file:  Lesson Plan_Mr Bean_Past Perfect

Basic Outline:
  1. Warmer/ Discussion
  2. Watch 'Mr. Bean-Sandwich Making' YouTube video.
  3. Activity after watching the video (ordering of events).
  4. Grammar:  Past Perfect (ordering of events).
  5. Discussion:  Social Etiquette
  6. Follow-Up Role Play 
  7. Educational Extension

This lesson could be followed up by students making their own video of a comedy routine.  The video could be presented as a moving film or a sequence of pictures.   The students could also create an quiz for the class based on their routine that includes the past perfect. 

To generate ideas on animation and special effects for their videos, students could watch this Ted-Ed video ‘Animation Basics:  Homemade special effects:’

References: none
Useful Links: Mr. Bean-Sandwich Making (YouTube):  

Ted-Ed video ‘Animation Basics:  Homemade special effects:’

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