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Present Perfect Tense vs Past Simple Tense

by Tamer Osman | 08 Jul 2015
Resource Description: This resource helps students understand the difference between present perfect and simple past tense. 
Audience: Adult
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: ONE HOUR
Language Skill: Grammar
Content Area: A. Students and Setting
This class is intended for :
Adult Learners------High Intermediate Level(B2)
Learners are expected to have taken at least three or four courses before these courses and attending this class.

This class is given at a private language school for French-speaking learners in Montreal in Canada.
The number of learners in this classroom is eight according to the education laws in Quebec.
The classes of this course are intended to be three times a week .Each class is 60 minutes.

B. Lesson Background:
The learners are expected to have taken the Past Simple Tense before attending this class.In this class, the learners will be dealing with the Present Perfect Tense. It is usually difficult for many learners to know how to differentiate between the usage of the Past Simple Tense and the Present Perfect tense. So the teacher will try to introduce the Present Perfect in the beginning of the class. If the learners will be responding positively during the class, so they teacher can introduce the question of the difference between the Psst Simple and the Present Perfect. If the learners will face difficulties in absorbing the issue of how to use the Present Perfect, as they can get confused about the ir usage and its similarity with the Past Simple. Therefore, the teacher will have to consecrate another class for the explanation of the difference between the Past Simple and the Present Perfect.

Materials and Technology: The learners will use reading texts ,exercises and listening texts
The teacher will have to explain this new grammatical point through a Present Prefect text that will be read by the learners and everyday practical conversations and dialogues that will be discussed by the groups in the class.
The Receptive Skills:The learners will listen to some listening activities that would include the Past Simple Tense or the Past Simple and the Present Perfect together.They will read a text that include the new grammatical point within groups and have discussions around it.
The Productive Skills:The learners will attempt to that deal with the Past Simple and the Present Perfect make up conversations or dialogues within class groups and makerole-plays infront of their classmates.The learners will be asked to write about some souvenirs as homework where they have to use the Past Simple and they will be asked to t=use the Present Perfect as they will atttempt to tackle how these souvenirs influence their present time.
After touching these integrated skills profoundly, the learners will efficiently be able to utilize the Past Simple and the Present Perfect without any difficulties. The learners will know how to describethe events in the past time and how to refer to actions that took place in the past.

E. Procedures / Timing:

Teacher does/says . . .           Students do/say . . .       Approximate Time

1-Gives a text to the               Discussion among                       15 mins
 learners                                  the groups

2-Discussion with the                                                                 15 mins
groups about their
observations of the new
 grammatical point

3-Makes the students listen       Discussion around this text     15 mins
to a text.The text is so short,
so it can be dealt with within
these 15 minutes

4-Gives a drill either about the     Should finish this activity       12 mins
Present Perfect or the Present        within the allotted time
Perfect vs the Past Simple.
This depends upon the learners’

5-Gives the learners                     Write about their souvenirs       3 mins
homework.                                    and how these souvenirs have
                                                      effects in their actual lives

F. Alternative Assessment:

The teacher will assess the performance of the groups in general ,so they can get a brief idea about how the learners respond to the new grammatical point.
The teacher will assess the performance of the learners formally when the learners submit their assignment in the next class to be corrected by the teacher.Then each student will discuss their essay in the classroom in an oral presentation infront of their classmates.
G. Reflection
This lesson plan is very vital, because the learners should learn how to express any actions, events or incidents in the past time without any stumbling.Utilizing the integrated skills properly in the class according to the learners’ capabilities will definitely assist them in achieving a satisfactory results.
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