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"My day" -Fly swatter game

by Lilia Gharaghashyan | 08 May 2017
Resource Description: This is an activity and a game lesson that focuses on activating the pupils' speaking skills and the collaboration within the group. Playing the game, pupils activate their vocabulary and develop the ability of group work.
Audience: Elementary, Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate
Duration: 45 minutes
Language Skill: Speaking, Vocabulary, Writing
Content Area: English as a second foreign language
Materials and Technology: pictures of action verbs, fly swatters, coloured chalk, cut out action phrases, books or handouts with the certain topic "My day"
Objective(s): Activate and enhance pupils' speaking skills, collaboration within the group, revise grammar pattern of Present Simple tense.
Outcome(s): After the lesson pupils will be able to describe their "Day", using proper grammar ​item and vocabulary.
  • Split the class into 2 groups/ teams.Tell the pupils that they are going to work within a group and that they should collaborate and get points for their group which means each member in the group is responsible for the good results of his/her group.

Warm up activity -

  • The teacher reads a passage on "My day" and translates it with the help of the pupils. After, some pupils read, too. Then the  teacher acts out different actions (wash hands and face, get up, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to school) to each team.
  • The team gets a point if the pupils answer correctly.
  • Then, teacher says an action, students act it out. After, one pupil from each team comes and acts out an action for the opponent team to guess and create a short sentence. If the opponent team fails, the acting team should do the task and get the point.

Main part of the lesson - " Fly Swatter Game"

  • Put the pictures of action verbs up on the board
  • Ask one pupil from 2 teams to come and to try  to slap first on the picture
  • The first pupil to slap correctly, says a sentence using the action verb and the grammar item. If the task is done perfectly the team gets  its point.
  • After the game  do another task - Put the phrases in order.
  • Each team gets a bunch of cut out action phrases. In 5-7 minutes the groups should put them in order so, to form a type of a story. Then each team presents its story, using full sentences.

Application -  Talk about "My Day"

  • Teacher asks the pupils to say all the action phrases they know and asks to give the translations. Then he/she asks them to speak about their day, using those phrases.
Assessment: After the lesson according to the work each team has done, give small certificates for excellent participation.
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TESOL Interest Section: Elementary Education, English as a Foreign Language, Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL, Secondary Schools