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by Mayar Ahmed | 30 Oct 2017
Resource Description: In this lesson, ss read movie synopses to answer gist and specific information. Firstly, ss remember as many types of films as they can, then they match movie posters to the type of movie. T pre-teaches some vocabulary items related to the text then ss read for gist then for specific information. At the end, ss write movie summaries or synopses like the model they have in the reading text. Then they read each other's synopses and vote on the most interesting movie.
Audience: University
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner
Duration: 45 minutes
Language Skill: Reading
Content Area: General English
Objective(s): To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about movie synopses.
Procedure: Check attached lesson plan
Uploaded Files:
TESOL Interest Section: Higher Education