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by Michelle Tran | 26 Oct 2018
Resource Description:
  • There are up to 75 lessons of various common topics for your readers to choose from. These lessons can help them survive or even thrive in any English-speaking country.

  • Lessons are delivered with both texts and high-quality audio, which facilitates speaking and listening practices considerably.

  • A video with subtitles for each lesson is also added to help your readers train pronunciation and speaking.

  • Lessons are designed in conversation form with questions and responses, which makes learning easier than ever.

  • Questions and responses are collected from daily life, so they are highly reliable, practical and applicable.

Audience: Adult
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate
Duration: 3 months
Language Skill: Listening, Speaking
Content Area: English for specific purposes, English for academic purposes
Objective(s): Speaking & Listening
Procedure: Listen and repeat