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Use of Technology in Reading Skills Development

by Humaira Jamshed | 31 Jan 2020
Resource Description: The aim of the lesson plan is to provide a sample that will help ELT teachers to get guidance about the use of technology in the language teaching/learning process. As a teacher, you may want to supplement your classroom teaching with technology and online materials, so this lesson will provide you with the basics of technology usage in English language classroom.
Audience: Adult, Teacher Training
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 60 Minutes
Language Skill: Reading
Content Area: Technology
Materials and Technology: Computer
Adobe Connect Software
Whooo’s Reading Application 
Lesson material source:
PPT Slides (attached in the pdf file below)
  • To impart knowledge about technology tools used for reading skills development
  • To provide opportunity of observing the practical demonstration of using technology tools in language learning process
  • To guide students for creating the teaching activities having technology applications integration
Outcome(s): Students will have knowledge of technology tools used for developing language learning skills
Students will be able to create activities having technology tools integration
Procedure: Please refer to the PDF file attached.
References: Rossen, S. K. (2017). Teaching Online- A Practical Guide. Newyork & London: Tylor & Francis Group.
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TESOL Interest Section: Computer-Assisted Language Learning, English as a Foreign Language