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A weather forecast (Planned monologue)

by Priyanwada Jayarathne | 08 Feb 2021
Resource Description: This lesson provides an opportunity for the students to identify the characteristics of unplanned monologues by listening to weather forecasts. This lesson incorporates blended learning approach.   
Audience: Adult, Secondary, University
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 60 minutes
Language Skill: Listening
Content Area:
  • Blended learning
  • English as a Second Language
Materials and Technology:
  • Language lab or web browsing enabled personal devices
  • Access to Internet
  • Virtual classroom (Ex: Google classroom)



The lesson aims to enable the students to;

  • Identify topics, gist, and specific information out of planed monologues.
  • Recognize context specific vocabulary and phrases

At the end of the lesson students will be;

  • Familiarized with the vocabulary related to weather forecasts
  • Able to discuss their plans/activities based on weather forecasts

1.     Prepare (05 minutes)

  •  Initiate a discussion on today’s weather, the type of weather they have in their city/village and their favorite weather condition

2.     Present (20 minutes) 

  • Introduce words used to describe weather conditions.
  • Play the Audio “Friday’s Weather Report” and ask students to note down the words and phrases they hear. (
  •  Ask the students to compare their word lists with a peer and share with the class.

3.     Practice (15 minutes)

  • Instruct students to listen to the Audio “Friday’s Weather Report” and complete the related Activity (Worksheet 01)
  • Discuss answers
  • Randomly check the scores and ask reasons for the mistakes

4.     Perform (20 minutes)

  • Group the students (3/4 per group)
  • Instruct them to watch to a local weather forecast video and discuss about their plans for the next week.

As a formative assessment, students have to write and record a weather forecast and upload it to the Google classroom.


To enable the students to practice further at their own pace the following homework activity is assigned.

Complete the following activities and share the listening experience in the Google classroom.


Friday's Weather Report: Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

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