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Paragraph Writing

by Sangita Sapkota | 22 Mar 2021
Resource Description: This resource is a lesson plan that I made to teach paragraph writing for my business undergraduates. In Nepali, the writing culture varies than of writing in English. Nepalese students are prone to write indirectly and lengthy paragraphs than writing a precise academic paragraph. Therefore, with a general aim at introducing them to an academic paragraph in English, I have developed this lesson plan.
Audience: Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 1.5 hr
Language Skill: Writing
Content Area: This resource falls under the subject area English for academic writing. Though the students are of business, the resource is developed for their basic writing skill which will support writing at work i.e. technical writing.
Materials and Technology: I simply have a complete file of the lesson plan, which can be delivered in a general classroom, where students can be in group and is a projector to display slides. 

The lesson plans aims at enabling students to

-Analyze the paragraph

- Write a paragraph

Outcome(s): The students will be able to analyze the sample paragraphs in terms of their elements. Similarly, they will be able to write an academic paragraph at the end of the activity.

1. Motivate students for the class asking them to write in the sheet 'What do you mostly struggle on writing a paragraph?'

2. Start the class with shared problems, which obviously include the teachers' content 

3. Ask students to write a couple of paragraphs on any topic ( or you ask them to decide their own topics)

4. Present your ideas in paragraph writing

5. Ask them to analyze their own paper in terms of your sharing and ask them to share what their paragraphs include or miss

6. Provide a sample paragraph and ask them to analyze its topic sentence and main points, concluding sentence...

7. Help them create a mind map again in the topic they first wrote the paragraph

8. Ask them to write the paragraph again in an academic format 


Students grade each others’ ideas on the particular topic of paragraph writing   (A for Excellent and B for good) in pairs.

Differentiation: The lesson can be differentiated as per teachers' needs. If the students are not well aware of academic writing, the teacher simply can end one class helping them to analyze the provided paragraphs. If they are in a better form, the teacher can form to group and have group work on mind mapping and paragraph writing. Each group's paragraph/work can be posted on the wall and all the students can go for poster tour in the classroom.

Basically, I developed this activity with my prior knowledge as a learner of English language teaching and the experience of five years dealing with different age-grouped students. 

However, for the elements of writing, and academic writing, or the writing skills for learners, I followed the following scholars' works.


Useful Links:


Worthington, D.S., & Jefferson, S. (2011). Technical writing for success (3rd ed.). Boulevered Mason: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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