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Listening Lesson (Using flipped learning activities)

by Saadet Sahin | 27 May 2021
Resource Description: This is a listening lesson plan adopted for B2 Level Contemporary Topics 3, Unit 8. Please see the attachments for the full lesson plan and presentation.
Audience: University
Audience Language Proficiency: Advanced, Intermediate
Duration: 150 min
Language Skill: Listening, Speaking
Content Area: Technology, privacy, security
Materials and Technology:

Course book


Teacher-generated materials


Listening, note taking

Speaking, group discussion, presentation skills


SWABAT recognize a range of level words, phrases, and grammatical structures to identify information in a listening text of about 10 min. 

SWABAT infer the intended audience, what the situation is, author’s attitude and purpose, and implied meaning by focusing on the choice of words and structures through intensive listening               

SWABAT discuss and summarize a content related question as post production activity


Teacher informs the students about the instructions. 

Students follow the instructions from teacher generated material and complete the assignments

Students attend the whole class meeting for Q&A session

New instructions are given for the post activity

Students complete the task in groups

Students presents their output in a whole class meeting

Instructor provides feedback

Assessment: There is not a formal assessment for grading. Students' performance on the tasks is checked with comprehension questions, Q&A session and feedback that is provided after the post production.
Differentiation: While strong students complete the first part of the lesson, weak students can be supported by the instructor.

B2 Level Contemporary Topics 3, 21st Centruy Skills for Academic Success, 4th edition, David Beglar Neil Murray,  Michael Rost (Series Editor), Pearson Education

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