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A Haunted House

by Ramin Hosseinpour Milaghardan | 01 Jun 2021
Resource Description:

The story is about a haunted house. The activities are for pre-intermediate learners. The Lesson includes:

a reading test, a vocabulary activity, a reading comprehension true and false activity, describing different rooms in a house, creating an ending to a story, making a poster, and a fun game.

Audience: Elementary, Teacher Training
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner
Duration: 90 minutes
Language Skill: Reading
Content Area:

The learners will get to know about a literary genre. This lesson will help the learners to improve their general knowledge about the English language.

Materials and Technology:

1. Lesson plan

2. Worksheet

3. Link to video clip

4.Smart Board

5. Computer


1.To use English language literature for language learning.

2. To familiarize  learners with short stories.

3. To work on antonyms in the English language.


As a result of this lesson, students will:

Identify and define vocabulary related to ghosts and ghost stories.

Discuss their opinions about the existence of ghosts and similar creatures.

Read a short story about ghosts and discuss it.

Write a short paragraph about ghosts.

Make a poster about ghosts.


1.Activity 1: Answer the questions. Then say the name of your favorite film or book about ghosts.

2.Activity 2: Preparation: Read the text and then match the highlighted words in the story with their opposites bellow.

Activity 3: Read the story again. Mark the sentences (true) / (false).

Activity 4: Find the furniture and rooms in the story.

Activity 5: Use each word to describe a different room, place, or thing in a house.

Activity 6: Write your own ending to the story. How do you think the story ends? Use the following ideas.

Activity 7: Write two or three sentences that transfer horror to the audience. Draw pictures which reflect the same sentences. (Making a poster)

Please see the attachment for the full lesson plan.



The assessment is done by doing a simple game. It will help the teacher to monitor if they have understood the concept of antonyms. The teacher can observe their process of answering True/False questions which will provide clues on their scanning skill.


A good activity is watching different clips of age-appropriate ghost stories with English subtitles and working on them as an extension of learning new words.

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