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Teaching Reported Speech within the Context of Art

by Serhat Aşık | 08 Jun 2021
Resource Description: Language Hub B1+ Course Book
Audience: University
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 40 minutes
Language Skill: Grammar, Speaking, Vocabulary
Content Area: English for Academic Purposes

Learners will be able to build a meaningful bridge with the previous topic in order to consolidate and sustain their active involvement

Learners will be able to develop and share ideas / previous knowledge based on the topic

Learners will be able to personalize the topic by asking questions in relation with the context

Learners will be able to produce the grammar point accurately

Learners will be able to communicate effectively by using the target structure

T pretends not to understand some statements and ask others to report what has been said

T pretends that the he has some connectivity issues, and thus needs some clarification by other students

T directs ss to the sentence in part two: “Then the man told me that he had a new motorboat.”

T asks ss to provide the sentence in the way it was uttered

T scaffolds their understanding and helps with possible errors

T acts as a guide and correct language is produced as the input.

T gives eight minutes to ss to complete the examples

Following this time period, ss’ answers are discussed by providing teacher’s as well as peer’s feedback

T directs ss to grammar hub and teaches the point elaborately by involving the students by means of question-answer drills

T gives extra examples in case of obscurities in either function or form of the teaching point

See attachment for complete lesson plan.

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