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Flipped Classroom Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan-Part II

by Busra Atas | 17 Jun 2021
Resource Description:

This lesson plan is the continuation of Flipped Classroom Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan Part I. 

Part II is for online classroom and it includes lots of activities which support learners' use of the past perfect tense. 

Audience: Secondary
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Duration: 40 minutes
Language Skill: Grammar, Listening, Writing
Content Area:  
Materials and Technology: It is an online lesson plan, so it requires high technology and a stable internet connection. The teacher should use an online teaching platform for this lesson. She should be able to share her screen and set breakout rooms. There is a Youtube video in the preparation part of the lesson. Also, is used for the informative charts of the lesson.



·        Students will be able summarize the events given in a video

·        Students will be able to use the language focus they have encountered before.

·        Students will be able to produce past perfect tense sentences.

·        Students will be able to complete an unfinished story.

Procedure: Please be sure you send Part I of this lesson plan to your learners before implementing this one. 
Useful Links: Video Story for Preparation Part:

Uploaded Files:
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